Breaking Bad is justly remembered for being a dark, soul-crushing masterpiece, but at times, it was also as sneakily hilarious as any show on television. That’s largely thanks to star Bryan Cranston, who honed his comedic chops for years on Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle before eventually becoming a meth-dealing monster.

One such example happened in season three, when Cranston’s Walter White frustratedly chucked an entire pizza pie on the roof of his house, frisbee-style, after his wife locked him out for, you know, being a secret crime lord. It was intended as a throwaway gag at the time, but it’s become one of the series’ signature moments — much to the chagrin of a few Albuquerque, New Mexico residents.

That’s where the show was famously shot, and unfortunately for the current owners of the fictional White residence, visiting Breaking Bad fans routinely honor the iconic pizza toss by heaving pies of their own on top of the same roof. The show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, has repeatedly urged the rascals to cut it out in the past, but evidently his warning wasn’t strong enough.

According to a recent report on Albuquerque’s local KOB4 news, as many as a hundred tourists a week still show up at the house and insist that the real owners close their garage and get out of the way so they can achieve the perfect toss, snap a selfie, and even steal souvenir rocks from the property.

But the Quintana family has finally had enough, which is why they’ve begun erecting a six-foot-high, rod iron fence — a move as petty (and necessary) as Walt might’ve pulled to exact revenge on his enemies. Still, people are already trying to climb around the construction, suggesting that the fence may just be a futile half measure.

In that case, desperate times call for a stronger punishment: ricin, perhaps?