Listen, beer is good. It makes people more attractive and life more wondrous. But what if everything was kicked into super-drive and you had to really get your mind blown all wild if suddenly there was a doughnut brew.

Well, there is.

You can thank Against the Grain Brewery for teaming up with Hi-Five Doughnuts, because their bonkers tag team is the reason you have a reason to live forever, as you can now down a doughnut-infused beer.

Blending spices and smoked vanilla apparently crafted up a smoky brew that kicks sweet like root beer with a 6.7% swirl of alcohol content, so that you can drink “an ooey-gooey sweetness” that messes you up in all the right ways.

These should be the sort of deals presidential candidates need to be promising, because this sort of concoction would get my vote in a drunken heartbeat.