Alldayeveryday is exploring Playboy Magazine’s impact on design culture by revisiting ‘The Playboy’s Progress,’ the original map of seduction published in the May 1954 issue that revealed interesting connections between design and desire. This is the third of a series of interviews and essays by Alldayeveryday. Interview by Alexandre Stipanovich.

Brianna Lance is one of the founders and Creative Director of the new men’s company Basic Rights. Independent, strong and chill, Brianna was born in Texas and was former Head Designer at Reformation. On top of that, she’s a musician—currently making and album with Producer Dave Fridmann—an artist, and a writer.

We met her at her apartment to discuss today’s rules of seduction, how she feels in men’s clothes, and what she thinks of the original “Playboy’s Progress.”

Could you tell us about the excitement of dressing up? Do you happen to dress up thinking of someone or do you do it mostly for yourself?
I would love to say I only dress for myself but that’s not true. I dress differently all the time, in moments where I want to feel in control and powerful I am covered and very put together. In moments I want to feel free I normally wear less clothes, sheer clothes, etc. But each of these is more about how you want yourself to be portrayed to the outside world. If I just want to be happy I wear nothing.

Do you feel more feminine in men’s clothes?
No. Not at all. I feel most feminine in the most feminine clothes. I feel powerful in men’s clothes.

I feel powerful in men’s clothes.

Is seduction a game or a ritual? Do you like to be in control or do you like to be impressed?
I have such high pressure in my work and creative life that for romantic purposes I like someone else to make the decisions and be more aggressive. I definitely like to be wooed.

In the “Playboy’s Progress,” do you identify with the girl or would you have a totally different reaction at one point?
Ha. It’s just not the way anyone I’ve ever been with has tried to impress me. So honestly I have no idea. No reference. I feel like there are men who try and woo me with their brain and ones who try and woo me with fun. And to be honest I like both, I think people feel I’m a lot less easy going than I am. Most of the time just being yourself (unless you’re a dick) and seeming like you have something interesting to say is enough for me.

Have you ever walked into a man’s apartment curated to attract female acquaintances, and could you tell? What were you thinking then?
I’ve never noticed a man’s place being curated for girls. But I’ve definitely seen places that were just intended to impress, but more in a general way, for everyone. The most I think guys do for me is play me music. That’s how most men try and woo me.

Do you think seduction can be a lifestyle (as for the playboy) or is more of an ephemeral mood?
I notice more women who seem obsessed with being constantly seductive, like their whole value is placed in their sexuality. But I haven’t noticed many men who seem similar but maybe I just don’t notice that they’re trying. I think the most seductive thing is someone being completely present and in the moment with you and that’s so rare to find. Someone who seems 100% focused on you. So, for me, I don’t see many people actively being constantly seductive at all times.

Is seduction a form of design?
I think great music, art, beautifully made things, food, all of it can be seductive. So absolutely. I would phrase it “design is a form of seduction.”

What’s the positive opposite of seduction?
Well to seduce really just means to powerfully attract so the opposite (kind of) would be to subtly attract I guess.

People are much more drawn to the way someone makes them feel about themselves.

Does it make sense for a woman to have a bachelor pad or is it a masculine attribute? Is the cliché “woman = prey, man = predator” totally outdated?
Oh I think completely. I actually have one friend who has such a gorgeous place and I constantly call it her bachelor pad, or her babe magnet.

What would be your “map for seduction”?
People are much more drawn to the way someone makes them feel about themselves. So it’s just about making them feel good. Laugh at their jokes, ask questions, be interested, seem impressed, be physically open, that’s my map for the ladies.