It may seem a tad counterintuitive that a woman whose was a Bond Girl in 2002 just recently received her breakout role in 2014. But, hey, these things take time. And it’s not like Pike has been sitting around playing Jenga since being understandably overshadowed by Halle Berry’s bikini in Die Another Day. Leading up to her acclaimed turn in David Fincher’s Gone Girl, the UK-born actress has been working steadily and struggling to stand out on the big screen for over ten years.

Here’s where you may have seen her:

Doom (2005)

Pike is clearly not to be blamed for the lamentable way in which this videogame adaptation went horribly hokey, nor could she do anything to prevent it.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Despite the fact that Pike was expertly cast as the prettier sister to Keira Knightley’s more plain Elizabeth Bennett, this role only continued Pike’s course of being upstaged by another beauty with more lines — or in the previous example, The Rock.

Fracture (2007)

Pike looked stunning in this fantastic thriller. But with a cocky young Ryan Gosling going head to head with Anthony Hopkins, there was little reason for anyone to focus too hard on the supporting players.

Surrogates (2009)

Doom be damned, Pike revisited sci-fi, playing opposite one of the genre’s foremost leading men. Sadly, even Bruce Willis couldn’t bring enough post-12 Monkeys heat to give Pike or this clunky, man-vs.-machine action flick a brighter future.

An Education (2009)

Needless to say, this low-key indie hit did considerably more to raise Carey Mulligan’s profile than it did for Pike’s.

Johnny English Reborn (2012)

I didn’t see this Rowan Atkinson vehicle, but I presume there are plenty of fine British actors in it, all playing simultaneous second fiddle to Mr. Bean, Super Spy.

Wrath of the Titans (2012)

I would certainly argue that this is far and away the better of the two Titans films — for whatever that’s worth. Pike gets a reasonably meaty role among beefy male heroes, convincingly brandishing her sword alongside the rest.

Jack Reacher (2013)

Pike plays the damsel in distress to Tom Cruise’s titular cold-blooded killer. As expected, Cruise runs his heart out to save her. Sadly for Pike, this is one of the international action superstar’s least appreciated adventures.

The World’s End (2013)

Twelve pubs, twelve pints each. Five mates, one bird. A town full of angry robots. The math sounds grim, but Pike seems to hold her own in yet another cinematic boys club.