This is Natalya Rosenschein. She’s a 4th year dental student in Newcastle, but when she’s not scraping muck off the teeth of her patients, she’s pushing herself as a body-builder with UKBFF, the United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.

England seems to be absolutely mental over her fitness prowess, especially as she gears up for her biggest competition yet, the British Finals Championships in Nottingham.

And yes, she is studying to become a dental surgeon. Speaking with The Mirror, Natalya Rosenschein admitted that her dental studying takes priority, but body-building is the love of her life.

“Dentistry is always my priority but body-building is my passion, my hobby, and I’ll do it as much as I can.”

Get it, Natalya! We’re all rooting for you over here. Mostly because we like you and win want you to win big and follow your dreams, but also because we’re frightened of what you would do to us if we didn’t cheer you on.

Via The Mirror.