Over Easter Weekend roughly $293 million (£200 million) worth of jewels were stolen from a London safe deposit box firm. Despite an array of advanced security measures at the facility, police say the methods employed by the thieves behind the Hatton Garden heist were decidedly low-tech.

Rather than forcing their way directly into the facility, investigators believe the thieves entered through the building’s communal entrance. From there they disabled an elevator and used its shaft to access the basement. Once they had descended, the crew forced its way to the vault and used a “heavy duty Hilti DD350 drill to bore holes in the two-metre thick re-enforced concrete wall.”

Boring your way through reinforced concrete tends to make a lot of noise, which is bad for burglaries. But the thieves came up with an ingenious way to overcome this problem.

A local jeweller said yesterday residents had been prepared for the sound of drilling after many received a letter informing them of works related to the Crossrail project.


Basically, these guys stole almost $300 million using power tools and snail mail. Those smug bastards from Ocean’s 11 can blow it out their ass. Keep it simple, stupid.

In the end, as many as 70 safe deposit boxes were ransacked, some of which are rumored to belong to professional soccer players. Police have made no arrests in connection with the heist. But even if the cops can’t catch a cold, I assume it’s only a matter of time before the thieves pull a Goodfellas and start offing each other.

(Source: The Independent)