As disappointed as I am that the hilariously spontaneous and under-appreciated Craig Ferguson is stepping down from his post as host of The Late Late Show, there is some balm in reading that CBS has tapped English actor James Corden for the job. As Deadline Hollywood rightly reports, Corden is not particularly well known this side of the pond. But, then, neither was Ferguson once.

Corden first came to my attention as the crude and hapless sidekick Smithy on the successful UK sit-rom-com Gavin & Stacey – which he also cocreated and cowrote. The show laudably walked a line between sap and snark. And Smithy, while reminiscent of other fat, boorish buddies in entertainment history, managed to come across as remarkably sympathetic and lovable.

His British television pedigree is extensive. But for the purposes of introduction, the following clip of Smithy ordering takeout with friends is all you need to know to get excited about the brash and talented James Corden: