So who is the newest Lifetime movie about? I suppose the only way to disclose the answer is to say “It’s Britney bitch.” Britney Spears is arguably one of the biggest legends in pop music canon, and her fever-pitch success, met by her delirious lows, captured global attention. As Kanye’s bizarre behavior has indicated, celebrities acting out is likely a symptom of strained mental health. Britney is a particularly interesting case, as she was routinely lampooned despite appearing very disturbed. As a celebrity, her story teaches all of us the fickleness with which people treat celebrities.

Britney Ever After follows her through such incidents as her marriage to Kevin Federline, the infamous head-shaving and the umbrella assault on a paparazzo’s vehicle. Australian actress Natasha Bassett plays the titular role; Clayton Chitty joins as K-Fed, Jillian Walchuck as Paris Hilton and Nathan Keyes as Justin Timberlake. It remains to be seen whether the biopic has us saying “Gimme more.”

Catch Britney Ever After February 18 on Lifetime.