To say that Broad City creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer aren’t big Donald Trump fans would be a massive understatement. The pair actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton in numerous venues (including Playboy) last year and even invited Clinton to be a guest on their show. Then the election happened, changing big chunks of Broad City’s fourth season.

According to Glazer, who’s making the rounds right now to promote her new film Rough Night, Season 4 was initially written with a Clinton presidency in mind. Then, after “this game-show host became president of our country, we rewrote a lot,” Glazer told USA Today.

Among the changes were the effect a Trump administration has on Ilana’s very sex-positive lifestyle. Turns out it’s harder for a woman to get off when Mr. “Grab Them by the Pussy” is in the White House.

“Ilana’s ‘powers’ are decreasing during the current administration because it’s just so hard to [orgasm] when you know so many people are in such danger,” Glazer said. “So Ilana works through her Trump-related [issue] and it’s wild.”

Some of this struggle is hinted at in the trailer for Season 4, when Ilana curses Trump’s name then goes right back to her vibrator with a look of determination on her face. It’s a great moment but it’s also apparently the last time we can expect to hear the president’s name on the show. According to Glazer, though his administration definitely figures into the new season, his actual name is treated like a curse word.

“There’s no airtime for this orange [person],” Glazer said. “We bleep his name the whole season.”

It’s possible that, for another president, such a gesture would seem empty or even childish. Not Trump, though. This is a man who loves the sound and the look of his own name and stamps it on everything from steaks (well done with ketchup, like a godless heathen) to “universities.” He loves it when they talk about him on any TV series, as his Twitter reviews of Saturday Night Live prove. That Broad City would dare to heap derision on him without even speaking his name has to hit him where it hurts. You can just picture him sitting up in bed in his bathrobe (which he totally owns) flipping through channels and then shouting for Sean Spicer when he discovers his name is being censored. Don’t think about that image too long. It’ll break your brain.

Broad City returns August 23 on Comedy Central.