When we interviewed Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer for our March issue, they were not shy about their love for Hillary Clinton. Here they are on the subject of Clinton’s forthcoming Broad City cameo, and her campaign:

Hillary Clinton is a guest on your show this season. Is the U.S. about to elect its first female president?
JACOBSON: I think we are, hopefully with Bernie Sanders in the Cabinet.
GLAZER: Bernie as vice president?
JACOBSON: That would make for a delicious world, right?
GLAZER: We’re big Hillary supporters, for a lot of reasons.
JACOBSON: I really like Hillary’s women’s rights agenda. I like her thoughts on the environment and what we do with trash and how we dispose of it and what we make shit out of. And stuff relating to trees and the earth and animals and shit, like food production. And climate change. Obviously there’s a huge problem going on.
GLAZER: Yeah, climate change is huge.
JACOBSON: Shit is getting dire.

You two should be writing campaign slogans for her. “Hillary Clinton in ’16: Shit Is Getting Dire.”
JACOBSON: Right? And that’s because it’s true. Shit is getting dire, and it’s not enough to just talk about it. You have to do something toward changing things.
GLAZER: Which Hillary will.
JACOBSON: We need somebody to stand up and say, “It’s all about climate issues and shit” and then do something about that shit!

So it comes as a delight—but no surprise—that a teaser video (above) showing the first part of Clinton’s appearance on their show has Abbi and Ilana completely freaking out in her presence.

The full episode airs on Comedy Central at 10pm ET / PT on Wednesday night.

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