If you like your comedy full of physical gags, witty repartee, well-placed dick jokes, fearless females, sex positivity and a side of diversity and progressiveness, Comedy Central’s Broad City is the BFF you didn’t know you had.

The half-hour comedy revolves around the NYC-based antics of 20-something best friends Ilana (Ilana Glazer) and Abbi (Abbi Jacobson), whose lives are consumed by dating, thankless jobs, recreational drug use and a not entirely platonic love for each other. Born from a web series of the same name created by Glazer and Jacobson, who serve as multi-hyphenate star/writer/producers, Broad City celebrates its second season premiere tonight night — and got renewed for a third season.

Here are 33 reasons why Broad City makes our TV-watching lives are better

1. For this tale of two women and two very different work ethics.

2. For the anatomical education.

3. For Franklin, part 1: a hardworking dentist who mostly adheres to the Hippocratic Oath.

4. For showing us there are no boundaries between BFFs.

5. For making fun of fitness fads like Soul Cycle and parkour.

6. For Ilana’s perpetually pissed-off co-worker who catalogues Ilana’s daily fails via voice messages to herself: “Day 274: Five hours late. Wearing a napkin as a shirt. Violently high.”

7. For the oh-so-poetic justice of ultimate frustration channeled through drop-kicking a Costco rotisserie chicken.

8. For Abbi’s obsession with Bed, Bath & Beyond.

9. For the dick jokes and indiscriminate appreciation. "I must be craving pink dick,” muses Ilana one night. “I’m going to go with it.”

10. For their commitment to honesty.

11. For Franklin, part 2: He must love dogs.

12. For making us feel like our roommates aren’t that bad, in comparison to Abbi’s freeloading scourge, Matt (John Gemberling).

13. For making this sex toy look boring.

14. For the old-school, east coast elitism.

15. For this mo’ money, mo’ problems bank visit:

16. For Abbi’s description of a very large penis as: “Like Coke-can, plantain, big.”

17. For Ilana dancing topless in Central Park as part of an all-day quest to find Abbi’s lost phone.

18. For Franklin, Part 3, and his delicious sense of concern.

19. For the fact that Ilana makes no effort to hide her sexual interest in Abbi: “You said if you were ever going to do same sex exploration it would be with me!” Abbi: “I have never said that to you.”

20. For the best guest stars: Amy Sedaris, Janeane Garofolo, Rachel Dratch, Jason Mantzoukas.

21. For this line: “I just peed out a condom.”

22. For the pop culture references.

23. For general DGAF-ery.

24. For the fearless physical comedy.

25. For their strong flirting game.

26. For sex-position education.

27. For Ilana the “Doo-doo Ninja.”

28. For tackling progressive issues.

29. For coloring outside the lines.

30. For the body positivity.

31. For noses, buttholes, vaginas.

32. For Franklin part 3: He admits he’s just “not over Amy Winehouse.”

33. For sisters before misters, forever and always.