The pop star portion of Brooke Candy’s career is officially underway. The queer rapper has been working with Sia for the better part of two years, and on Monday, we finally get to see the fruits of their labor. In the brand new video for her infectious empowerment anthem “Living Out Loud,” Candy rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, a far more polished version than the one we saw way back when, in Grimes’ “Genesis” video.

But the partnership between Candy and Sia extends way beyond the studio. When Sia first approached Candy, she was homeless, and in a pretty dark place. “She found me and e-mailed me when I was squatting in this punk house,” Candy told Fashion Unfiltered last August. “I was basically homeless and I was hustling like ten different jobs, and she said, ‘You are so weird. I want to write a song for you.’ Then I met her and she was like, ‘F–k a song. I’m going to do your whole album, and I’m going to help you navigate this disgusting fame industry.”

But according to Cady, Sia did much more than help her make music. “After that first meeting, she kind of just took over my project — and when I say took over, I mean she helped me fix every aspect of my life,” she told Noisey last March.

It’s no wonder their new video is such a triumphant affair. Candy looks like a woman reborn, and she sounds like one too. “I want to make music that makes people feel some sort of bliss,”she explained. “That makes people want to spread some sort of love and light onto this planet because I think we’re in a sort of dark age and the planet really needs it.“

Watch Brooke Candy and Sia in the video for “Living Out Loud” above.