Boobie Trap is a trendy bar for the up and coming Bushwick area of Brooklyn. It offers all sorts of adult amenities, with scantily clad women adorning the walls, and adult jenga to be played. As you can tell it has a very specific aesthetic.

To match the rather unique and rebellious aesthetic, they have decided to wage a grassroots war against the man bun. Some feel the man bun is a way for men to look like Amazonian warriors. Others contend that there isn’t anyone who can rock one well. Even more might be expressly concerned with the later period Bruce Willis look you will be rocking in a few years time. Regardless of the reason, if you cleave your man bun in this dive bar and present it to the bar owners, you will receive a free bottle of booze.

Supposedly noone has yet taken up the offer, but the free booze allure might be just enough for a man-bun bearer to take a fashion hint. Only time will tell.