Now that shows like Parks and Recreation have left us, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a strong contender for best comedy on network television. It’s got a terrific, diverse cast, a rapid-fire joke rate, and a silliness that balances out the police work. The show really grew into its premise and its characters with Season 2, and now Season 3 is set for a great start thanks to the addition of Bill Hader.

Hader’s having a fantastic year already. He voiced Fear in Pixar’s Inside Out, starred alongside Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, and he’s heading to IFC for the new series Documentary Now!, which premieres later this month. Now he’s also heading for a guest spot in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season premiere. Hader will play the precinct’s new captain, filling the spot left by Captain Holt (Andre Braugher), who took a different position in the NYPD at the end of Season 2. So far, FOX isn’t divulging any real details about the character — except to call him “efficient” — or how long he’ll stick around on the show. It doesn’t seem like Hader’s stay in Brooklyn will be permanent, but he’ll at least be around long enough to add some extra comic might to an already great show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns September 27.