It must be nice being the boss’ kid. No, I don’t mean like the douchy kid of the boss of the company who doesn’t work hard and gets away with everything. No, I also don’t mean the Boss’ kid as in Jesus. I mean the boss! You know, Bruce Springsteen! He’s pretty much music royalty, and is especially treated like the king in his native New Jersey. Imagine growing up with one of the coolest men on the planet as your dad? That’s gotta be pretty sweet.

That’s what Jessica Springsteen had. I’m sure that being the offspring of someone so legendary has it’s drawbacks too. Just think about how high the expectations must be for you to succeed. Well, Jessica isn’t letting anyone down. Not only is she an accomplished horse rider (I’m not sure what the exact term for that is… she’s not a jockey. She doesn’t race horses. She’s the one who does the tricks and jumps the hurdles. She’s good at that), but she’s also pretty darn good at that whole “model photoshoot” thing. Check out these photos from her latest shoot. I’m sure she makes her poppa proud!

Loved doing this shoot with @kellyaklein for @vanityfairitalia ! Some of my favorite photos 🤓

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The beautiful @jessicaspringsteen for @vanityfairitalia thank you team !!!!

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