In the world of Batman v Superman reveals, this isn’t exactly up there with director Zack Snyder saying that he almost included Joker and Riddler in the movie. But if you believe (as I do) that “clothes make the man” then the news that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will wear Gucci head-to-toe does offer some insight into the character and the film.

The Italian fashion house worked with Batman v Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson on a collection of suits, shirts, coats, footwear, and sunglasses for Affleck’s Wayne to wear. There are also monogrammed cuff links and tie bars with Bruce Wayne’s initials. Gucci had nothing to do with the armored suit that Batman will wear.

This is Affleck’s first turn as the Gotham City billionaire and there is a lot of speculation around what he brings to the role. Perhaps the Gucci announcement signals a Wayne with more macho swag. Previous caped crusader Christian Bale wore custom Armani while playing Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises.

As long as the Gucci clothes cover up Affleck’s horrible (albeit fake) back tattoo, we should be in good shape.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.