Another week, another round of trailers, and this time around things are a lot odd, because we don’t really have any blockbusters to trot out. Basically, we’re at that point in the year where the summer movies have more-or-less made their respective cases, and the fall movies aren’t ready to show us more just yet. So, we get smaller films, which is actually kinda refereshing. Among our offerings are a new thriller starring Bruce Willis, a high-concept sci-fi thriller, a truly ridiculous-looking movie about monsters living in cars, and more.

Check out some of the best trailers of the week below.

Bruce Willis made Die Hard, so he gets an eternal pass for bad movies. Lately, though, it seems like he’s struggling to recapture his old magic. That might change with this film, which lets him play the part of a potential villain in a bank robbery conspiracy that may go all the way back to the biggest bankers themselves. “The system is out to get you” plots are nothing new, but letting Willis flex his Bad Guy muscles might be the refresher we need.

Ever download one of those mobile games and then play it so much you feel like it’s literally consuming your life? Well, this is the actual literal version of that. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are two strangers united by a game called “Nerve,” which dares them to take on increasingly daunting tasks until suddenly their very identities are at stake. It could turn out to be a corny exercise in “our devices are controlling us” preachiness, but it honestly looks kinda fun.

This horror-comedy does something that some of my favorite films (lookin’ at you, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) pulled off very well: It tells you exactly what you’re going to see in the title. This is a film about monster trucks, as in trucks that contain monsters. It looks goofy and ridiculous in that self-assured way that makes me think it might be one of the most enjoyable popcorn movies of the year. I just hope the film isn’t a let-down from the trailer.

I really like Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Apocalypse) as an actor, and so it’s always fun to see him get to stretch his chops. In this film, he plays a former criminal who must get back in the game in order to pay for a kidney transplant for his girlfriend (Felicity Jones, who will be a massive star by the end of the year). To do that, he must team up with a drug lord (Ben Kingsley) to steal a shipment of drugs from another drug lord (Anthony Hopkins). Watching Hoult try this kind of movie is intriguing enough, but “Ben Kingsley vs. Anthony Hopkins” would’ve been enough to sell me.

Indie film legend Todd Solondz (Dark Horse) returns with this film about four groups of people all connected by a single wiener dog. Like all of his films, it features an inriguing-if-impenetrable premise, and a great cast (Greta Gerwig, Danny DeVito, Julie Delpy, Kieran Culkin, and more). With Solondz films, you kinda just have to sit down and experience things, so it’s hard to tell what the trailer reflects from the finished product. It does feature some biting humor, though, and that’s enough to get me started.