The nice people over at That Racing Channel have really got this whole Internet thing figured out. The first ingredient in the equation is their wildly powerful pumpkin orange SRT Dodge Viper. The dang thing has 700HP! As if that wasn’t cool enough, they acquired the services of two of the hottest girls on Instagram. Do you know what happens when busty girls ride in fast sports cars? They jiggle. They jiggle a lot. It’s glorious.

The girls are Maria Doroshina and Johanna Macedo. Props to both ladies for having the guts to hop into this beast and go for a spin. At one point, Johanna even compares her joy ride to the same feeling as having sex. I only rewinded that part a dozen times. Only.

Here are some more images from both lovely ladies. Let’s start with Doroshina:

And here’s Johanna Macedo:

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