Bryan Cranston is definitely not shy. So it came as no surprise that in his Playboy interview, published in our December 2015 issue, the actor was pretty much an open book, sounding off on everything from his rough childhood to his first full-frontal nude scene the forthcoming film Trumbo. Here are some of the more notable excerpts from the expansive conversation.

On Dabbling in Scientology in the 80s

CRANSTON: “I had a friend who was a Scientologist. He recommended a class, and I was like, “Fine, I’ll go check it out.” It was at one of the Scientology centers in L.A., I think in the Valley. It was pretty good, a communications class, I think. So I took one more class; I forget what it was about. They wanted me to continue, obviously, but I was like, “Nah, I got what I needed. Thanks!”
PLAYBOY: You got the gist of it?
CRANSTON: Yeah, I got the basic idea. It was helpful, actually. And then I was, “Okay, I tried that. What’s next?” I think I tried EST after that.
PLAYBOY: You sound like Scientology’s worst nightmare.
CRANSTON: I just don’t have an addictive personality. I’m more interested in what else there is to learn. What’s next? Transcendental meditation? Tantric yoga? Oh, I want to try that!

On Meeting His Wife of 25-Plus Years: “I Just Wanted to Bang Her”

PLAYBOY: Was that what you first noticed about her on Airwolf, her childlike wonder? Was that the reason you were drawn to her?
CRANSTON: No, I just wanted to bang her.
CRANSTON: What? I’m being honest.
PLAYBOY: No, no, that’s sweet, in a weird way.
CRANSTON: I was a young guy and she was hot, and I wanted to take her clothes off. We’ll have time to discover all the other stuff later, after the banging.
PLAYBOY: That’s how guys operate.
CRANSTON: That’s right. It starts with “Wow, she’s hot.”
PLAYBOY: You start at the boobs.
CRANSTON: It starts there, right? We’re simple beings. Women are so clearly the superior sex. Men are simple people. You put food in front of us, we’ll eat it. You show us cleavage, you’ve got our attention. If you see a woman scratching her leg, and she pulls up on her skirt in just the right way and you catch a glimpse of her calf muscle, oh my God, you just lose your mind. You see the smoothness of it. I’m powerless against that.

On Why He Loves Dildos So Much (Yeah, Really)

PLAYBOY: If the stories are to be believed, you were something of a prankster on the Breaking Bad set.
CRANSTON: What have you heard?
PLAYBOY: You were always willing to surprise your cast mates with an unexpected dildo.
CRANSTON: [Laughs] Well, sure. There’s nothing like a dildo to break the tension. I’ve found that’s true in most situations.
PLAYBOY: How many dildos would you say you’ve used in pranks over your entire acting career?
CRANSTON: So many that I bought a dildo-manufacturing company. Proudly made in America.
PLAYBOY: But seriously, what is it with the dildos?
CRANSTON: I just think they’re funny. And I think it’s important to examine the tension levels or anxiety levels or exhaustion levels of your cast and crew. Sometimes a release is exactly what they need to propel them through the rest of the day and get the work done.

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