Usually, television ads for lawyers are horrible. Case in point, this monotone son of a bitch. I’ve been subjected to his ads for decades. He’s like Ben Stein, but with less warmth.

That’s why Bryan Wilson, AKA the Texas Law Hawk, is such a breath of fresh air. Unlike most lawyers advertising on television, he knows he’s an ambulance-chasing joke from the get-go (I mean that in the best way possible… this guy is awesome). And instead of trying to pretend otherwise, he embraces it, which makes for some very entertaining ads.

“Due process? Do wheelies!” Now that’s a lawyer you can trust.

American flags, Mexican wrestling, little people, bikers, puppies: Outside of girls in bikinis, this ad has everything you could possibly want from a lawyer. So the next time the 5-0 tries to raid your Hungry Hungry Hippos party, give Bryan Wilson, a.k.a. the Texas Law Hawk, a call. He’s not just a lawyer, he’s a goddanm hero.

(H/T: BroBible)