Trucks are not supposed to fly. That is for planes and birds and pinata-carrying drones. But no one told that to Bryce Menzies. The off-road truck driver recently set a world record by jumping his Pro2 series racing truck 379.4 feet.

To put that incredible distance in to perspective, Menzies took a page out of Evel Knievel’s book. While the daredevil once famously launched his motorcycle over seven Greyhound buses, Menzies went even bigger, jumping his truck over an entire ghost town.

What’s even crazier is that Menzies wanted to push things further. After initially breaking the record, he wanted to best his own mark during a live event on August 27. But he suffered a crash in practice. Menzies was able to walk away from the accident, but he suffered a broken shoulder and his truck was significantly damaged.

The crash did nothing to diminish Menzies spirits, however. “This has been my dream and to see it come to life was surreal — it was one of the greatest moments of my life,” he said.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.