It’s rare that somebody combines intimidation and beauty to the level that Ronda Rousey does. It’s flat out confusing! On the one hand, she’s clearly a stunningly beautiful woman, but then on the other hand, she can easily kick my ass in 0.4 seconds and make me cry with minimal effort. It’s an interesting conundrum.

Wearing @victoriabeckham for @yahoostyle the other day….💃 pic by @ryanpfluger

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Recently, Ronda flexed her sexy side with Sports Illustrated for their latest Swimsuit edition. In this behind-the-scenes video, you can see Ronda in all her glory, trying on a couple different swimsuits and showing off her toned body. I’m not quite sure where she learnt how to model like this, because she certainly didn’t pick up any of these positions while posing at the gym. Either way, they’re beyond sexy and so is she. In between shots, you can see what it’s like on set for one of these photoshoots and get a glimpse of the joking around Ronda does on set. Just remember not to joke around with her too much, because after all, she can snap your vertebrae with her pinky.