Golf is forever looking for ways to make the game more attractive to young people (#millennials), and Bubba Watson may have just figured it out. The two-time Masters winner who will play for Team USA when golf makes its return to the Olympics revealed a jetpack golf cart that will inspire you to hit the links even if you could give a crap about making par, let alone birdie.

The jetpack golf cart comes on the heels of Watson’s hovercraft golf cart, which he revealed three years ago. The jetpack has a 200-horsepower engine that powers two fans and can fly for 3,000 feet at 50 miles per hour.

Aside from speeding up play, the jetpack also provides golfers a bird’s eye view of a hole. And while golf tends to be a social game, Watson sees the jetpack as a way to get some “me time” on the course. “You don’t have to ride with that annoying golfer that tells you all about his score. You just watched it, you don’t need to hear about it.”

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