We may never get our own Smart House of Disney Channel fame, but Bud Light is giving us a grown-up piece of that fantasy: a ‘smart’ beer fridge.

Let us explain. The “Bud-E Fridge”, which Bud Light introduced Monday, gives real-time feedback about its precious contents. An accompanying mobile app tells users the number of Bud Light cans and bottles in the fridge, and it sends real-time feedback about their temperature.

You can also sync the fridge with the schedule of your favorite sports teams, so your new best friend/smart fridge can alert you when your supply is dwindling before—or, surely, on—game day. And not only does the app alert you to this potential disaster, it coordinates with a beer-delivery service you can use to replenish your stash. However, there’s some great news for us and bad news for most of you—the Bud-E Fridge is available in California only right now. You’ll have to keep using your dumb fridge for the time being. We’re going to get one for the office and pretend that during long meetings we’re reading our email, but in reality we’ll be checking the status of our beer.