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This Fitness Model Is Like The Buff Version Of Khaleesi from ‘Game of Thrones’

If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan (and let’s face it, you are), then you obviously know about Daenerys of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. She’s the most badass little blonde girl you’ll ever see. She’s got that boss stare down pat and backs down to no one. The only thing that would make her more intimidating is if she was jacked.

Well, move over Khaleesi, and let me introduce you to Swoleesi. Her name is Amber Rayne Abweh and she’s pretty much the (fire)spitting image of the Mother Of Dragons; only difference is this girl can probably bench press The Mountain. This is Swoleesi, the Mother Of Dra-Gains!

I see too many people bashing on other peoples goals. What if they don’t want to be a powerlifter? What if they don’t want to be lean? What if don’t want to lift heavy? What if they don’t want to be muscular? What if they don’t want to be a natural athlete? What if they want to eat clean? SO WHAT. People have their own goals and values. Stop telling that girl to eat a burger cause she’s thin. Stop telling a thicker person to start doing cardio. Stop telling people how to live their life. Stop thinking you’re better than everyone else because you can squat over 600 pounds, or because you have the biggest arms, or because you have the most shredded abs. Instead, help encourage other people. Remember we all started as beginners. Just do you lol. Sorry for the rant, this just has been bugging me a lot. Okay carry on. #CaptionsThatHaveNothingToDoWithThePicture

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Asuhhh baby bicep ✌️

A photo posted by Amber Abweh (@swoleesi) on

So I got tagged many times in 10 non fitness facts about myself. So without further ado 🔸10 NON FITNESS FACTS ABOUT aryanebow🔸 1️⃣ I’m half Palestinian, ¼ Native American and ¼ Hispanic. So technically I’m not really a white girl, even though I may act like it most of the time.🙆🏼 .. 2️⃣ I’m originally from New Mexico, and I moved out to San Diego 3 years ago for school. I left all my family behind (including my two younger sisters @minimyra_ and @rena_serenaa ) and some of my best friends in the world (@amyrose__13 @c4radise and many more) .. 3️⃣ I had jaw surgery my senior year of high school. My mouth was wired shut for 3 months. That meant I couldn’t eat solid food for 3 whole months!!! Looking back at it, I have no idea how I survived.. 4️⃣ This was around the same time I was graduating. I was salutatorian of my class, so I had to make a speech with a wired jaw 😅 ohhh and go to prom with a swollen face and wired jaw. 5️⃣ I love reading novels. I swear once I start, I can’t stop. I’ll go day and night without putting a book down. It’s like my own fantasy world 🐉🌸🌍.. 6️⃣ I’ve been to all 50 states. However I was around 5 years old so I don’t really remember what each state was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .. 7️⃣ My favorite band is Led Zeppelin. Hands down.. 8️⃣ I always wanted to be an actress or singer growing up (but hey who didn’t, lol) but it .turns out I’m horrible at acting and singing. 9️⃣ I was called Awkward Amber in high school. Cause well, I’m ridawk (ridiculously awkward) 🔟 I ❤️ @the_taras Okay that’s it lol. Carry on.

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If you go to sleep happy, you’ll wake up happy. Have a nice Sunday ☺️🐉

A photo posted by Amber Abweh (@swoleesi) on

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