You know that feeling when you’re cruising around in your Bugatti—work with me here, as we all have imaginations—and you’re just like, “Man, I wish I could look as dope as I do now but while cruising around on the open seas?” Well, kick that stupid worry to the curb because Bugatti makes yachts now.

Bugatti’s teaming up with Palmer Johnson, the world’s largest motor yacht builder, to give the world a series of open carbon fiber sport yachts. They’ll incorporate some of the brand’s already beloved auto design, so it’ll be, in theory, like driving a Bugatti car on the water, except it’ll max out at 44 MPH (38 knots) instead of the 288 MPH that the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is being hyped for.

Ranging from 42 to 88 feet in length, the “Niniette” yacht series—named for fouder Ettore Bugatti’s nickname for his daughter—will start at $2.2 million. It’s gotta be worth the price. I mean, this thing looks like it could turn into a submarine or helicopter with James Bond at the helm.

Damn, look how good this computer-generated dude’s doing. He already has a babe on the back!

And now for a better angle of said babe…oh no, woman overboard!