Last time developer Bethesda added downloadable content to Fallout 4, it was for building cool robots. The next set is all about building cooler houses, presumably to store all your cool robots.

“Wasteland Workshop,” Fallout 4’s next downloadable addition to the game, adds all kinds of options for building cool post-apocalyptic houses out of the random trash littering the nuked version of Boston in which the game takes place. You can add neon lights to your settlement, in case you want to run a bar, or cover your house in spiky traps to accidentally kill yourself with when you forget exactly where they all are. You can even take the monsters you kill and turn their heads into trophies.

But the best, weirdest part is the addition of traps to catch various creatures (or people) from the hellscape in which you live. Once you’ve captured, say, a dinosaur-like deathclaw, you can tame it and make it your pal, or you can sic it on other characters. As the trailer above shows, you can even start your own gladiator deathmatch business. Finally, you can take your Fallout 4 experience full Thunderdome.

Wasteland Workshop is available on April 12 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC for $4.99.