1. Roll Out
Shake Shack uses Martin’s potato rolls. Yep, the same stuff you can get in a super­market. Then butter and griddle or grill the bun to add toasty richness to your burger.

2. Heirloom Large
Thick slices of ­local heirloom tomatoes add sweetness.

3. Up the Umami
Umami Burger tops its namesake with caramelized onions and shiitakes.

4. Lettuce Go
Iceberg remains the best. It stays crisp like no other.

5. Make ­Bacon
Nueske’s thick-cut ­bacon contributes richness and a kiss of smoke.

6. Get Funky
L.A.’s ­Father’s ­Office uses grated Gruyère and crumbled blue cheese.

7. Blend it right
Shake Shack’s closely guarded beef blend is rumored to be 50% sirloin, 25% chuck and 25% brisket.

8. Spread ’Em
In-N-Out’s spread is ­approximately 3 tablespoons mayo, 1 tablespoon ketchup, 1 tablespoon pickle relish and a splash of vinegar.