The 2015 college football season is finally upon us. The start of the season means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but with the introduction of fantasy sports to the realm of college football, this year brings about a certain level of Internet intrigue as well.

For the thousands of fantasy fanatics out there, we thought we’d make it easy for you. Here are the best returning college football players, as seen through the lens of fantasy football. Our advice: Snatch up as many as you can and bathe in the tears of your fantasy opponents.

The Ultimate College Football Fantasy Team (Returning)

QB: J.T. Barrett
Ohio State
2014 Statistics: 203 of 314, 2,834 yards, 34 TDs, 10 Int… 171 rushes for 938 yards, 11 TDs
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 33.8
FanDuel Salary Average: 7663

RB: Kenneth Dixon
Louisiana Tech
2014 Statistics: 253 rushes for 1299 yards, 22 TDs… 30 catches for 385 yards, 6 TDs
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 25.15
FanDuel Salary Average: 7880

RB: Samaje Perine
Oklahoma Sooners
2014 Statistics: 263 rushes for 1713 yards, 21 TDs…15 catches for 108 yards
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 24.7
FanDuel Salary Average: 6658

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WR: Corey Coleman
2014 Statistics: 64 catches for 1119 yards, 11 TDs…11 rushes for 53 yards, 1 TD
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 22.12
FanDuel Salary Average: 6980

WR: Nelson Spruce
2014 Statistics: 106 catches for 1198 yards, 12 TDs…1 rush for 2 yards
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 20.83
FanDuel Salary Average: 7375

WR: Pharoh Cooper
South Carolina
2014 Statistics: 69 catches for 1136 yards, 9 TDs…27 rushes for 200 yards and 2 TDs
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 19.95
FanDuel Salary Average: 5854

TE: Evan Engram
Ole Miss
2014 Statistics: 38 catches for 662 yards, 2 TDs
Average Fantasy Points Per Game (2014): 9.72
FanDuel Salary Average: 3670

Top single-game performance for returning players

QB: Joshua Dobbs
Opponent: South Carolina
Game Statistics: 23-of-40, 301 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT…24 rushes for 166 yards, 3 TDs
Final Score: 53.64
FanDuel Salary: 5000

RB: Samaje Perine
Opponent: Kansas
Game Statistics: 34 rushes for 427 yards, 5 TDs…1 catch for 19 yards
Final Score: 75.1
FanDuel Salary: 7800

RB: Kareem Hunt
Opponent: Arkansas State
Game Statistics: 32 rushes for 271 yards, 5 TDs… 1 catch for -5 yards
Final Score: 57.1
FanDuel Salary: 9900

WR: Pharoh Cooper
South Carolina
Opponent: Tennessee
Game Statistics: 11 catches for 233 yards, 2 TDs… 3 rushes for 23 yards, 1 TD
Final Score: 54.3
FanDuel Salary: 6700

WR: Keevan Lucas
Opponent: Tulane
Game Statistics: 13 catches for 233 yards, 3 TDs… 3 rushes for 36 yards
Final Score: 51.4
FanDuel Salary: 4700

WR: Cayleb Jones
Opponent: Cal
Game Statistics: 13 catches for 186 yards, 3 TDs
Final Score: 43.1
FanDuel Salary: 5900

TE: Tyler Higbee
Western Kentucky
Opponent: Marshall
Game Statistics: 6 catches for 99 yards, 3 TDs
Final Score: 30.9
FanDuel Salary: 3000

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