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Exit Clear

Bungie Shows Off How It Creates Destiny’s Phenomenal Sound Design

Probably the best part of Destiny is how damn great it sounds. The game packs an awesome soundtrack and is full of weird sci-fi effects that help players lose themselves in planet-hopping adventures.

It really is pretty impressive how developer Bungie managed to create everything from the sounds of grenades to the clanking footsteps of time-traveling robots for the game, and much of the process is detailed in the latest in the developer’s series of short video documentaries. Whether it’s the novel combinations of noises to create stuff like alien technology or just straight-up shooting off a bunch of guns to get good sound effects, the video gives a really interesting take behind the scenes of how game sounds are produced.

The video might not be enough to hold off rabid Destiny fans who aren’t likely to see new content for a while, but at least it’s entertaining.

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