It’s not uncommon for fast food companies to use a woman’s breasts in their advertising (see Carl’s Jr.). But Burger King may be the first to actually advertise on a woman’s breasts.

Using a service called “Tittygram,” Burger King Russia placed an ad reading “I love Burger King” across the chest of a buxom redheaded model. The picture was then posted to the company’s account, which is the Russian-speaking equivalent of Facebook.

I don’t speak Russian, because I’m not a communist. But I do know how to use Google Translate. So here’s the translated message that accompanied the pic.

Do you want this to be your name ?

Each week, the most active community member will receive from us just such a nominal postcard! Not only our Whopper prepared in this fire, we all with a twinkle !

This funny, no? Burger King number 1 funny all of Eurasia, yes?

I’m pretty sure Burger King’s American marketing department didn’t sign off on this. And something tells me the ad won’t sit well with a lot of people. But before accusations of “sexism” start flying, it’s important to note that “Tittygram” claims to donate 2 percent of its profits to breast cancer research, which magically makes their business model not sexist, right? Right?

At any rate, I’m writing this for Playboy, so I don’t exactly have a lot of room to criticize people who use breasts to sell things.

Oh, wait! Huh, what’s this video we made? How did this get here?