Now you can explore the Wasteland the proper way when Fallout 4 drops next month: a little tipsy thanks to theme-appropriate adult beverages.

Thanks to a partnership between Fallout 4 developer Bethesda and Carlsberg UK, you can order Fallout beers. They’re available through Amazon UK for £29.99, or about $46 US, in 12 packs.

According to the Amazon description, “Fallout beer has been brewed using a unique blend of malted barleys combined with selected hops, to produce a light coloured lager with a fruity aroma and a crisp bitter finish.” It’s inspired by the in-game company Vault-Tec, which created the huge fallout shelters where Fallout protagonists usually come from. Those shelters, ostensibly used to survive nuclear annihilation, are actually the sites for a series of weird social experiments. Like what if one vault was populated entirely by clones of a guy named Gary? Or what if a chemical was pumped into the air that turned half the people in the vault into mutants?

Fallout beer is not a social experiment of any kind, though. Probably. Just make sure you keep the caps if you want to be able to buy anything after the apocalypse.