Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad announced that he will unmatch from his top spot at the company yesterday. Rad will continue his career at Tinder as board member and president and says he is looking for an “Eric Schmidt-like person” to take over as CEO. Sounds like a techie #mancrush to me.

Rad’s departure as CEO will mark the end of the founders’ reign of the company. Co-founder Justin Mateen resigned from the company after being hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit by former executive Whitney Wolfe. The whole lawsuit began because Mateen refused to name Wolfe a co-founder. Tinder, the wild teen of the online dating world, is finally growing up. How will maturity change the app? That’s something for the new CEO to decide.

P.S.- Is it just us or does Rad bear a striking resemblance to another male mastermind, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild?