The pocket comb is one of those essential items that you should check for before you leave the house, along with your phone and keys. (If you’ve got a shaved head, you’re excused.) Those flimsy plastic ones that have been hanging on the wall at your barber shop since the 70s aren’t going to cut it. That’s why Byrd Hairdo Products collaborated with surf brand Future Fins for a comb that is built for today’s gentleman surfer (ability to actually ride waves not required).

Byrd was started by pro surfer Chase Wilson and sells a line of pomade hair products. The company worked with Future to create a comb out of the same composite material used in the surfboard fins favored by John John Florence and Jordy Smith. The result is a comb that is durable and flexible enough to work with all hair types. It’s bright yellow color also helps ensure that you won’t lose it 10 seconds after taking it out of the box.

The Byrd x Future Fins is $10 and is available at

To see a video of how the collaboration came together, watch below:

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