Remember that weird smell in your crazy Uncle Dave’s basement? Well that’s what northern California smells like right now.

Wildfires have ravaged many of the state’s marijuana farms, sending the smell of burning pot into the air, according to The Guardian.

Marijuana farms have been engulfed by California wildfires over the summer as firefighters work to contain blazes across northern California that have already burned through more than 70,000 acres. While the marijuana crops destroyed are unlikely to cause any statewide supply issues, it could drive up some prices, put small farmers out of business – and disseminate a familiar smell.

However, don’t pack up the car and drive to Humboldt County just yet. Inhaling the smoke is much more likely to get you sick than high thanks to all the other materials that are also being consumed by the flames.

“Basically, you’d get sick from other things,” Hezekiah Allen of the Emerald Growers Association said. “The residents won’t get high.”

While the thought of a burning pot farm might seem comical to idiots like me, it’s no laughing matter for the growers involved. As The Guardian points out, such farms won’t receive state subsidies to offset their losses.

“Tragedy on the local level is very real,” Allen said. “This year has been devastating to a number of farmers, who have lost their greenhouses and farms.”

(Source: The Guardian)