We knew that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 would continue the series’ tradition of including a standalone mode where you shoot hordes of zombies—and that details about it would be revealed this week during San Diego Comic-Con 2015—but we had no idea just how great it would be.

It turns out this entry in the absurdly popular franchise’s equally popular zombie mode, titled “Shadows of Evil”, will have more Jeff Goldblum than ever before. Ka-ching.

The series’ publisher, Activision, describes the new zombie campaign as an “undead survival co-op mode,” adding that it’ll feature “an incredibly rich and deep narrative and action-packed co-op survival experience” set in a 1940s film noire environment. In addition to Goldblum, stars Heather Graham, Neal McDonough, Ron Perlman and Robert Picardo will play characters, and yes, they’re providing their voice talents and their likenesses.

He’s already battled dinosaurs, aliens and Steve Zissou; why has it taken so long for Goldblum to put his zombie-slaying hat on? Regardless, I’m stoked.

By the way, if you’re at Comic-Con right now and have any interest in this (which, since you’ve read this far, I’m going to assume), try to swing by the Black Ops 3 zombie escape room challenge (and click through to find out what else you can do at Comic-Con without a badge).