It all started with Nazi zombies. Nazis, of course, are the worst version of humans, and zombies are the worst version of undead humans, so Nazi zombies are just totally awful things that must be defeated. And over many, many iterations of Treyarch Studios’ entries into the Call of Duty series, a band of four World War II-era warriors have been dealing with the problem.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, things keep getting worse for this ragtag team of four unlikely allies. They just cannot seem to stop getting stuck in dilapidated, abandoned research facilities and military installations that are inevitably filled with the undead. The latest downloadable content offering for Black Ops 3 adds a new map filled with hellspawn hordes to clear, somewhere in the Pacific Islands. This time, the zombies aren’t Nazis, they’re former soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army. Also there are killer plants.

The trailer above shows what players can expect from “Zetsubou No Shima,” which is part of the new “Eclipse” downloadable content pack for Black Ops 3. Spoiler alert: What you can expect is zombies, as well as more tough enemies that will likely kill you over and over and over. Some people like that sort of thing, I guess.