We haven’t seen anything official for the next installment of the yearly Call of Duty series, which should arrive this fall, but thanks to an eagle-eyed Reddit user and a leak on the Playstation Store, it seems we know its name a little early: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Yup, it seems that CoD publisher Activision is unsatisfied with warfare of a modern, advanced, world, supernatural or secretive nature, so now it’s taking on perpetual, never-ending warfare, and if we’re just spitballing here, possibly on a cosmic scale.

The title was discovered by Redditor Goontmyfries while browsing the trending section of Sony’s Playstation store. Though the Infinite Warfare title is listed, there’s no actual information about the game on the store. Activision hasn’t announced this year’s Call of Duty yet, but it usually does within the next few months each year.

This year’s CoD game is expected to come from developer Infinity Ward, one of three studios that rotates Call of Duty duties to keep up with the series’ yearly releases. Infinity Ward is also the studio that kicked off the relative hugeness of the shooter series with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare way back in 2007, although changes at the studio mean that a lot of the best-known developers linked to those games have moved on to other studios. Infinity Ward’s latest offering in the series was Call of Duty: Ghosts in 2013. Last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, on the other hand, was the work of Treyarch, another studio in the rotation.

Hopefully Infinite Warfare means something just crazy, like flying in space, or maybe a Marvel superhero tie-in. But probably it just means shooting a lot of dudes, like every other year.

Via GameSpot