Via [444.HU](

Via 444.HU.

Remember Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian camerawoman who lost her job after being caught on video tripping refugees? Well she’s back, and apparently, she’s lawyering up.

In an interview with the Russian news outlet Izvestia (I’m sure you’re very familiar with that outlet), Laszlo said she plans to sue one of the men she was filmed tripping. You know, because refugees who flee their homes on foot have such deep pockets.

“[The suit is] a matter of honor,” Laszlo said, claiming the refugee in question changed his story of what occurred, resulting in an international backlash against her. “He changed his testimony because he initially blamed the police. My husband wants to prove my innocence.”

I’m honestly not sure if her claim is accurate. But what I do know is that this video probably did a lot more to hurt her image than the man’s testimony.

The refugee in question, 52-year-old Osama Abdul Mohsen, fell to the ground while carrying his daughter thanks to Laszlo’s actions. Normally, the person who is the victim of assault is the one who ends up suing. Perhaps they do things different in Hungary. Maybe Hungarians also wear shoes on their hands and gloves on their feet.

Laszlo is also threatening to sue Facebook, claiming the site failed to remove online threats against her while simultaneously banning her supporters (all four of them).

(Source: MSN)