Elle UK has a new interview with Camille Rowe, a.k.a Playboy’s April 2016 Playmate, in which they ask her what she’d do if she could be invisible for a day. She responds, “I’d go into the White House and punch Donald Trump.”

Rowe’s statement wasn’t in response to today’s news that Trump reportedly described the White House as “a real dump,” but that new development probably only intensified her sentiments. The White House is denying that Trump made the statement, but it’s hard to take the denial seriously, considering how often Trump presents “alternative facts” to the public.

If Trump really said “The White House is a real dump”—and it certainly sounds like the kind of tactless statement that would come out of his mouth—Camille Rowe probably isn’t the only person who is angry at him. When someone insults the White House, they’re insulting America, and that should bother everyone who loves this country, whether they voted for him or not.

In less political news, Rowe also shared a book recommendation in the Elle UK interview. She’s currently reading “a non-fiction about the history of the porn industry in the 70s called The Other Hollywood. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.” Playboy talked to that book’s author, Legs McNeil, last year. McNeil also wrote the best-seller Please Kill Me: The Uncensored History of Punk.

Since Rowe hasn’t yet found a way to turn invisible and take out her frustrations on the president, we’ll have to rely on our imaginations of how the scene might play out. In the meantime, here are some reminders of what Rowe looks like when she’s not invisible:

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