Photo via [Marco Nedermeijer / Flickr Creative Commons](

Photo via Marco Nedermeijer / Flickr Creative Commons

Thanks to The Blair Witch Project, it’s almost impossible to go into the woods without having a terrifying ending in the back of your mind. Not only should you go camping with others, please keep these stories given by Reddit users in mind when you decide to be brave. It could easily be you. Check out more scary stories on Reddit.

When I was 13 my uncle and I were camping and we came across some discarded toys that would have belonged to a little girl. We were very deep in the forest and my uncle pointed the toys out to me as being VERY out of place, many years later I Wikipediaed the place and read that a young girl was once kidnapped from near there and she was found 20 miles from where the toys where.

Most likely it was just some random toys that fell out from some backpack, but once I read that I called my uncle and we were freaked out for days.

A dog’s skin removed completely intact, large chains with plates for bolting them to the ground attached to the paws.

On the other side of the path all of the dog’s organs were nearly arranged in a stack. No bones, no blood.

I walked by it nearly every day until it rotted away to something indistinguishable from other desert detritus, except the chains, years later.

No one ever disturbed it. Maggots never ate it. I made up all kinds of stories for it in my head. But I’ll never know anything except that dog died hard.

Woke up in the morning and walked out of the tent to find a sheep ripped apart and scattered across a 20 foot area, about 10 feet from our campsite.

The creepy part is this was in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. There aren’t any wild predators there bigger than a fox. Certainly nothing big enough to tear a sheep to shreds.

Was on a 2-week canoe camping trip in a really remote part of Canada. Most days we would only see one or two other people. Some days we didn’t see anyone. Set up camp on the shore of a big lake and started settling in, when suddenly we heard someone yelling “bear, bear!” - it sounded like a girl’s voice. It was bear country, so we all grabbed buckets and started making noise to scare it away.

Then suddenly out of the woods comes this young kid, he couldn’t have been more than 8 years old. Turns out he was actually yelling “help, I’m scared” - there was no bear. He had been riding his bike and somehow wound up in the woods on the other side of the lake, at least a mile from his parents. He was totally lost and was starting to lose it. We took him via canoe back to his parents, who were relieved to say the least. Years later, it’s still hard to believe that this happened.

Skinned cow carcass, not really that creepy but it startles you when you almost step on it.

Cow head nailed to a tree, it was decayed. Pretty much just skull left. Underneath the head was a pink plastic chair, child sized.

A giant pair of purple underwear. Idek.

Big toe, just on the ground, nothing else just a severed toe

Doing a group trip in the woods. Literally 40 minutes from any town. We ask our group leader if we can go back to our cabin as night rolls around. He says sure and we begin to walk. We have to walk through a path that’s ten minutes long and in the middle of a thick forest. When we are halfway to our cabin, I get an uneasy feeling. I turn around and literally ten feet behind us is this random guy in a yellow poncho following us. I tell my friends, we all turn around, and none of us recognize him. The guy in the poncho just smiles at us for a second and then runs off the path into the woods. So, my friends and I sprint to the cabin and enter, the rest of the group is already there. We tell the group leader there about it, he calls the other leaders and they start looking around. They don’t find anything, but a new rule was put in place that required someone to be with a leader at all times when you are outside of your cabin.

Backpacking in the Beartooth Wilderness in early 2000’s with a good friend of mine.

3 days into the hike we had only seen one other couple. On the third night, at about 4am we were awoken in our tent to what sounded like screams in the forest, BIG guttural screams. Obviously we were freaked out sitting in the tent not knowing what was out there.

We started hearing what sounded like hail, for about 15 minutes followed by heavy footsteps near our camp. My friend and I started yelling and making tons of noise (a trick to fend off bears) and the commotion outside the tent slowly came to a halt.

In the morning after not sleeping at all we unzipped the tent to the creepiest scene, all around the tent were pebbles (the “hail”) literally thousands of little pebbles that were not there the evening before. Surrounding the tent in a near perfect circle were 20 or so 150-300 LBS boulders.

My friend and I got out of there making a 3 day hike into a 1. Practically running the entire way to the car.