If you’re a stoner who lives in or frequently visits Canada, we’ve got some great news. The Liberal government announced this week that it’ll introduce legislation next month to legalize marijuana by July 1, Canada’s birthday, in 2018.

Officials have said the legislation would be be announced by 4/20, because Canadians have a sense of humor. Pot legalization has been one of the bigger promises among the Liberal party on the campaign trail, and now it appears they’re making good on their promise. The law will allow all Canadians ages 18 and older to purchase pot legally from both storefront and mail-order operations and includes a proposed growing limit of four plants per person. Since the announcement, pot-related stocks have increased by as much as 10 percent.

Pending legalization, the Liberals say they plan to enforce strict laws to keep marijuana away from young people while curbing illegal pot sales from organized crime. Leftists in the NDP party have been vocal in criticizing the government for the delay in introducing the legislation since pot will still be handled the way it always has until it is legalized. In other words, marijuana users will continue to be arrested for possession despite the pending law.