Stoners that miss spending their summers at camp, rejoice!

CannaCamp is a new, marijuana-friendly outdoor resort in the mountains of Durango, Colo., that hopes “to create an unprecedented opportunity for cannabis users to experience the outdoors in a safe, comfortable, and social environment.”

The facility will offer a variety of different outdoor activities such as hiking, yoga, fishing and so much more, all while legally high. While hundreds of Colorado businesses are adapting to include cannabis as a part of their tourism packages in the wake of weed’s statewide legalization, CannaCamp is the first to offer consumption in all areas, giving it a leg up over other bud-themed getaways in the state.

In addition to enjoying the great outdoors on a Rocky Mountain high, on-site staff will provide gourmet meals (with or without cannabis) and suggest local strains for pairing with food and drink. Other activities include a “4:20 Happy Hour” with other guests, a “Wake + Bake Breakfast” package, cannabis-cooking courses, and classes on the cultivation of marijuana for your own personal use.

The resort is owned and operated by The Mary Jane Group, a 420-friendly resort and hospitality company based out of Colorado that will be opening the property under its Bud + Breakfast banner. All-inclusive rates begin at $395 per night, and you can reserve a spot at CannaCamp’s summer season here.