For those who enjoy weed but are novices when it comes to knowing WTH strains like “Purple Haze” or “Pineapple Skunk” will do to them, there’s now a luxury cannabis company changing the way we classify strains.

Canndescent, basically the Birchbox of weed, explains how a strain will make you feel by your mood and needs. With personalized boxes containing a glassed cannabis flower, premium rolling papers and matches with a hemp wick, you can choose between Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. So if you’re the person who googles why something you bought blindly at a dispensary made you freak out in the grocery store, this service might be your savior. Besides the basic categories, Canndescent provides strain-specific tasting notes and numbering to help users control their experience.



The strain description for CALM NO. 105TM reads, “Lulls the mind and body into a gratifying sleep, waking you up alert for the next day,” and the strain CREATE NO. 301 TM offers, “Focuses your mind and settles your body, so it’s ideal for crafts or computer work.” Pretty cool.

“You shouldn’t need to bio-hack your body through a periodic table of ominous strains like Durban Poison and Train wreck just to buy some cannabis.” said Adrian Sedlin, CEO of Canndescent. “The way Apple made computing more intuitive and Google streamlined search, we want to simplify strain selection and provide users the opportunity to curate their life experience.“

Yeah, you could consider Canndescent the sommelier of weed.