We all have that one friend who likes to mess around. You know the one; the friend who’s the reason why there’s a password on your phone. I, for one, have Ben Goldberg. Friggin’ Ben Goldberg… he’s the guy who will text something flirty from your phone to an ex, or he’ll call someone in your phonebook and hang up immediately so that they call back and ask why you called. He’s also the type to fart and blame it on someone else. No matter who you are or where you live, we all have our own Ben Goldberg.

Taylor Swift is no different. Just because she’s arguably the biggest celebrity on the planet, that doesn’t excuse her from immature pranks from her friends. Her Ben Goldberg is Cara Delevingne. Apparently, Cara enjoy taking pictures on Taylor’s phone when she isn’t looking. Yesterday was Cara’s birthday, so Taylor decided to return the favor by making those pictures public to her millions of followers.

Happy birthday to cheeky, charming @Caradelevingne- who lights up my life..and regularly steals my phone & does this:

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I, for one, wouldn’t mind it if Cara Delevingne stole my phone to take selfies and close-ups of her chest. If only Ben Goldberg looked like that…

"It’s a little invention I made earlier…" Mother Chucker @Caradelevingne

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More from #Comiccon @suicidesquadmovie #GalGadot @gal_gadot

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Thank you @stellamccartney @bangbangnyc for my Met ball look! ❤️

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New @johnhardyjewelry shot by @sebastian_faena

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