Cara Delevingne is a woman of many talents. She’s great at being a model, even when she doesn’t like being a model. So great, in fact, she’s now the highest-paid British model in the world, knocking the inimitable Kate Moss out of her longstanding top spot. She’s also a capable actress, proving she can kick ass and give good side eye, sometimes simultaneously, in her new film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Now the multihyphenate has released a song from the movie’s soundtrack, which isn’t surprising as she’s already beatboxed on national television, often talks about her passion for playing the drums and guitar and sang a duet with Pharrell Williams in a 2014 Chanel short film.

“I cannot believe it’s finally out, everyone go take a listen and let me know what you think,” she captioned an Instagram post, in which she thanks director Luc Besson, who commanded the visuals, and Pharrell, who produced the track. You sure you want to know, Cara? Her singing isn’t bad; it’s not groundbreaking, but it’s certainly not bad. But, well, everything else about the “I Feel Everything” video is perplexing at best. The costume choice of the star’s Le Smoking suit seems logical, what with the song’s bluesy, loungey vibes (and it’s probably no coincidence as she’s supposedly in talks to play 007’s female counterpart in the next Bond film).

But three of anything, including Delevingne, is just too much, especially when experimenting with bad wigs. She’s a serious brunette with a bob! A sultry redhead! A spunky platinum blonde (okay, that’s her real hair)! One would think someone with Delevingne’s access to the fashion world would ensure her foray into music video would be impeccably styled and aesthetically elevated. The video would have benefitted from less feelings and wigs and more budget. The real clincher is the full-body suit of swarming butterflies that reads more like an insect attack than fluttery surrealism.

One skinny suit and too much of anything else: We know she can do better than this. Then again, maybe the supremely talented Delevingne should take a moment before oversaturation becomes her enemy.