In April, Cara Delevingne shaved her head to play a woman dying of cancer in the movie Life in a Year, but her newly-hairless look isn’t holding her back – on the contrary. This past Monday, the 24-year-old model and actress attracted loads of attention even in a sea of glamorous celebrities, on the red carpet at the Met Gala. She wore a low-cut silver pantsuit with her bald head painted silver to match. Her makeup artist, Romy Soleimani, described the look to Vogue as “slightly like hair, slightly like a painting.” In the futuristic ensemble, Delevingne looked like she could’ve stepped straight out of her next movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Delevingne took to Instagram yesterday to address the criticism she received after shaving her head. She shared a paparazzi photo the Daily Mail had published in an “exclusive” article that described her as looking “tired and strained.”

About last night…💋

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On Instagram, Delevingne explained her tired appearance this way: “It’s exhausting to be told what beauty should look like. I am tired of society defining beauty for us. Strip away the clothes, Wipe Off the make up, cut off the hair. Remove all the material possessions. Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?”

Delevingne’s vision of beauty has support from at least one other celebrity. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima shared an image of Delevingne’s quote on her own Instagram account, adding in all caps, “You are a queen.” She continued, “Let’s show the world the real meaning of beauty. Everything starts from within and it will reflect in your eyes, skin, smile… You give personality to what you wear, not the other way around.”

Lima was at the Met Gala, too – and she looked just as lovely as Delevingne. Here’s a clip of her posing in Vogue magazine’s Instagram booth:

💫WITH MY FAVORITE FASHION DIRECTOR 💫 @gvsgvs @voguemagazine #metgala2017 🌹

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Can two women convince society to redefine beauty? Maybe not, but they’re at least makeing a beautiful attempt.