“I think I am Princess Leia and Princess Leia is me. It’s like a Möbius striptease.”

The first Star Wars Celebration convention after Carrie Fisher’s death was always going to be tinged with sadness, but a tribute video aired as part of the show’s “40 Years of Star Wars” panel—attended by Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Star Wars creator George Lucas himself—upped the emotional ante considerably, reminding everyone just what a presence Fisher had… and how seriously she failed to take the entire thing.

Featuring appearances from Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie and Gary the dog, the video manages to hit all the right chords in demonstrating just what made Fisher so beloved by fans and fellow cast and crew. If you don’t tear up watching her recite Leia’s “Help me, Obi Wan” speech from the first movie at various points throughout the years, it’s possible that you might be a Sith Lord.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando continues through Sunday, with tomorrow’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi panel almost certainly bringing a trailer along with it. Prepare for the internet to explode like Alderaan as a result.