A carrot beer now exists, and regardless of your initial reaction, surely there’s a great tinge of curiosity upon reading that statement.

The bright orange ale from Australia’s 4Hearts Brewery, aptly and adorably named Wabbit Season, is made from a wort with 16% carrot juice. The brewery worked with a local farmer to develop the concoction, making it as fresh as it is funky.

The not-so-secret ingredient has been toyed with before, though either in a singular experimental batch or more of a carrot-cake-flavored attempt. But 4Hearts really went for it and are among the first to use fermented carrot juice to craft a beer that tastes like its namesake.

Only 1,200 liters of the stuff has been released, and so far, the wild fusion—good for your eyes, bad for your liver—is only available the 4Hearts Brewery and Northern Australia bars.

If you’re scared of a future that sees all beer going more or less “healthy,” fear not! Few vegetables contain enough sugar to make for valuable ingredients, and even then, not many have strong enough flavors to work.