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Exit Clear

Badass Chart Shows You Your Favorite Cartoon Characters as You’ve Never Seen Them



What would Lucy from Peanuts look like without her signature hairstyle? What would Garfield look like without his telltale smirk? Or–even weirder–what would it look like if Charles M. Schulz drew Garfield’s mouth and Jim Davis drew Lucy’s hair?

This delightful chart by Malinen imagines 10 characters from different comic strips, each rendered in 10 distinct iconic cartoonists’ style. (Yep, that’s 100 drawings in all).

The 10 characters are:
• Asterix
• Calvin
• Donald Duck
• Captain Haddock
• Batman
• Heimo Vesa
• Corto Maltese
• Moomintroll
• Garfield
• Lucy

H/T Dorkly


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